Thursday, February 4, 2010

you want to know how to save a lot of money?

I just read an interesting TIME blog article  click here  about a large group of women who did something that I did last year - BUY NO NEW CLOTHES for yourself for one whole year.

 I had always wanted to challenge myself to do this and last year I did it!  I didn't buy a thing for myself. It occurred partly out of the shock and awe of the economic nose dive.  I just didn't feel like spending any money and my closet was too full anyway from days of shopping out of boredom at times.   So I dove into this new project.  I got organized, rearranged my clothes into FAMILIES, and would shop in my own closet. It wasn't as hard as I thought and I felt a little noble about this little accomplishment.  

I agree with Coco Chanel: Have a minimum of clothing but it should all be very good quality and I would half price!



This is GREAT and INSPIRING? I'd like to think I could do this...but I don't know if I could hold out! I'd like to give this a serious try though - I'll let you know at the end of the year if I managed to succeed haha! I live the idea of shopping at home - we have so little closet space that we need to store clothes in bug rubbermaids in the basement, so when we are searching for something every six months it's like shopping on our basement. Great post! Keep them coming!


I meant for a "!" instead of the "?" after the first sentence...