Sunday, April 5, 2009

OH, My gosh...EZ Meal Planning!

Ok I'm tossing out a big one here. Want your meal planning all done for you? This the concept is  courtesy of my fellow money saving compatriot, Joy.

I haven't tried this yet but Joy has done this for a month now and LOVES it. I will be writing about meal planning in detail in the future but for those who just don't wanna do it themselves, there is

For $1.25 a week, a 7 day dinner meal plan with dietary requirements of your choice, and for the amount of people you designate will be sent to you by email along with concise and easy to follow directions and recipes (all on one sheet). There is a complete grocery list on a separate page based on the grocery store of your choice and the sales at that store for that week!!!  Joy's family enjoys the meals (there was only one they didn't like) and likes knowing how much she will be spending on the ingredients before she goes shopping. 

Cheap Fabric Softener !

If you are one that spends money on fabric softener sheets, I have a cheap alternative for you. The low cost alternative is to fill a squirt bottle with fabric softener and then use a few squirts on a rag or used softener sheets and toss in the drier. Your bottle of fabric softener will last you many months. This is sooooo much cheaper than softener sheets!


fill the slot in your washer that is meant for fabric softener with vinegar...yes vinegar!...about 1/4 cup. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener. The smell dissipates in the washer and your clothes will come out of the dryer soft and free of the film that fabric softener gives. This is my preferred way of drying everything.