Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm a CANADIAN living in the US....and a Vancouver born Canadian at that! I must have these mittens but they are out of stock everywhere that I look online. If anyone sees them available anywhere please, please let me know. I need them! Even though I live in Atlanta, (we had SEVERAL INCHES of snow yesterday!)  it gets Canadian-ness just needs them!) I loved how those little maple leaves on the mittens waved at everyone.

How about those opening ceremonies??  I was so proud. It was an education for my grandkids that watched it with me. (It is widely known that my opinion is pretty low of the American school curriculum in regards to their neighbours, Canada and Mexico.  Americans rarely know who the head of state of Canada is or the names of the provinces (not providences pleeease!))

I loved how they highlighted the various parts of Canada, from east coast to west. My teen years were spent in Winnipeg  - very prairie, and I hoped the whole floor would be one mass of waving wheat and then it was! The prairie has a beauty all its own.  (very 60'S photo of me in Winnipeg )

My family lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was I was little. There were wheat fields across from our house and I remember running through them, making paths and laying on my back looking up at the clouds naming the images that I saw... I was a serious day dreamer... so when that kid went running through the fields and flew above them,  feelings stirred and I was there again. Ahhh the blissful memories of youth.

Ok, rant and stroll down memory lane over.....back to the original thought....


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Rboot said...

Very Canadian of you to want those mittens. Nice memories and I'm glad some of the grandkids were there to hear your stories.