Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Sale on Carter's Kids clothes...but...

$3.99 and up  on Carter's children's clothing       CHECK IT OUT HERE

Although this company will never have the unique and high quality items that children's boutiques have,
there are some cute things from time to time.

BUT... beware...

of the tagless items...

here is a consumer alert, whatever they are using for tagless can burn skin in the heat!

so buyer bewary!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Makin' pancakes, made easier!

I have a son-in-law Tyson who makes pancakes every morning for who ever is around...every day! So when I saw this idea from Real Simple I knew this was made for him. Make the batter every few days instead of every day and keep it in an empty ketchup squeeze bottle.

Day 1, make a bunch of batter, put the leftovers in the bottle. 
Day 2, shake and pour.....repeat every day till gone. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New clothes from old....Awesome

Check this wardrobe makeover out!! really awesome....gets my wheels turning.

This blouse used to be a long sleeved ordinary old thing, but look at it now...wow.

Be sure to click on the little linky things at the bottom of her blog to see the before and afters and tutorials.   The photo shoot was done "stealth-like" in Home Depot w/o permission.  Love the background, love the contrast!

What can you makeover instead of just chucking?  Some things are just too good to be threw! (ha)
Now.... how do I get that figure?...oh ya...stop eating.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 kids in one bedroom? Why not!

Free up other bedrooms in your house with some creative furniture placing like this.  Add curtains to draw across for privacy. Brilliant!    

My dad worked for CNR (canadian national railway) and this reminds me of the berths I slept on in the sleeping cars...at least your  kids wouldn't be sleeping near strangers like I did.   I had another friend in Vancouver  BC that shared a pretty big bedroom with 3 other sisters.  Their dad had a big X shaped wall (s)  built in the middle of the room and each girl had their own section.   You could walk around the entire thing to get to each other's space.   I remember thinking how cool that was. It was like they each had their own little bedroom.

Photo from Southern Living.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Help with Tissue Issues

Awesome idea from ....Meck Mom Blog

this is in the category of "This is too simple, why didn't I think of it before! 
The photo says it all...no explanation necessary....( umm, apparently this photo does need an explanation I just found out, The EMPTY  box is for USED TISSUES. No flinging on the ground anymore!!....) except for the large elastics....just buy the kind that are for holding garbage can liners on. Voila.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Note Books...one more thing

Inside view...the grid size is perfect

I was blog hopping the other day and found, then lost, a blog about 
an interesting journal concept that was new to me.

You take a notebook like this that has no spiral binding ... and lays flat, then... you just write down everything you want to remember, one thing after another as you think of it.
 It's like a traditional journal and to-do list all in one, very free form.
 and...  it becomes a snapshot of your life as it happens. 

You date each day, then write down experiences, interesting things you want to remember,
 a running to do list, 
that cute thing your child said... an old friends phone number that you got....
don't forgets, notes from that how-to tv show, that wise quote, 
....no photos, no magazine clips....doodles and sketches are ok cuz they are from you... 
just notes and lists and experiences and whatever, in real time.

I think I'll try this for awhile and see how I like it. 
One notebook for everything going on in your life....
except work.  
(I think I would keep certain lists separate and together though...like blog ideas)

It would have to be glued to you for it to be useful... bringing it everywhere you go,
 a steady stream of the thoughts that go through your mind.
Fill one up in a couple of weeks then start #2.

Click!   a snapshot of your life...
and... you will know exactly where to look 
to find the things you wrote.