Monday, February 15, 2010

Cool Family History Calendar

This is a calendar I came across from a store in Sweden. It jumpstarted an idea in my head.....but first you ought to know what makes my juices going.

My passions in life, after my family are... and not in any particular order
  •  photography / personal and family history
  •   Montessori education
  •  home management / organizing, saving $, cooking fast and  cheap and healthy.
  •  design / interior, exterior , jewelry, whatever
  •  preparedness /  food storage
  •  scripture study

...and this blog is for writing about, and keeping track of all the cool ideas I come across or already do in any of these categories.This idea fits into the family history category. 

 Back to the calendar - I love implementing quick ways to record family life.  Journals work for certain kinds of writing (and I could write a whole book just on creative journal keeping) but sometimes you just want to make fast notes of what was DONE and NOT upcoming events. This calendar would work for that.

The calendar showing looks homemade and I like that, but an easier way would be to buy a big blank calendar that is HANDY to write something down EVERYDAY. It could be a doodle or a note, colored or etchy looking black and white. You could write, or the kids could take turns. It could record gratitude, events,  projects or goals completed, books read....whatever!

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Sarah said...

I've done this type of journaling on all of my travels and throughout my engagement to my husband. It's a great way to record all of the exciting events of the day without taking up much time, and it's easy to scan over later with loved ones and reminisce.