Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wish Lists

I had to interrupt my food management thoughts to tell about the coolest thing that I learned from My daughter, Melissa, who is always up on all the latest techy things. 

It's the wish lists from Amazon.  Two weeks ago we got an email from M'liss (who lives on the other side of the world...Vancouver WA). The email contained a list with photos of  possible birthday gifts for her, should we be so inclined, that could be ordered from Amazon. As I looked at the list I realized that I didn't know that Amazon is trying to be the biggest retailer in the world, by linking to other stores.  Basically it's a one stop shopping where you can buy items from a variety of sources but only pay through one.  

This makes for effortless gift giving IF you know what the person wants. In the Amazon  toolbar is a tab that says "your lists" Click it and then click "wish list". It's my birthday in a couple of weeks so I searched for a bunch of books that I've been wanting to read....made my wish list and then clicked the "tell people about this list" tab on the left, and then cut and paste my kids emails and shot it off to them. The book at the top is one that I really any takers? anybody?? 

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sometimes the coolest thing is to just feel prepared!

Between bird flu, weather disasters and terrorism we cannot NOT pay attention to having food in our homes in case of an emergency. There are so many thick, all inclusive books out there on the subject that it can be overwhelming. Since my brain has to simplify everything before I will actually DO it is my "no frills, just git er done" FOOD STORAGE PLAN for three months in THREE EASY STEPS!

I start every project with a brand spankin new white 1/4 in binder and nice tabs

1. make a list of 15 simple meals that you regularly make that use canned/ dry packaged food.

2. list each ingredient (and amount for your size family) and know that for 3 months (12 weeks) you will need 6 of each item.
for example: if I plan on having spaghetti twice in the month then for three months, I need 6 jars.
While you're at it make a list of non- food supplies that you know you'd go nutty if you didn't have it, like toothpaste and floss, shampoo and TP.

Here are a few of my fifteen meals: add fresh fruits and vegetables when possible

TACO SOUP and bread
1/2 lb cooked ground beef or turkey
1/2 cup chopped omions (brown with the meat)
1- 16 oz can whole or chopped tomatoes
1-16 oz can pinto beans
1- 16 oz can corn
1-small can tomato sauce
1-4 oz can mushrooms (opt)
1-pkg taco seasoning

simmer together 15-20 min
can add a little cilantro at the end
can add a little sour cream and grated cheese to individual bowls

1 bottle of meat flavored Prego and dry pasta - no brainer

TUNA SANDWICHES ...ok you get how to do this now

Campbell's tomato soup and crackers - can't get more simple than that

Think comfort food - maybe its Kraft mac and cheese - these should be REALLY simple meals that will get you by in an emergency.

After you make a list of the 15 meals and a list of the individual ingredients....

3. - buy 2 (or more) and use 1! how simple is that....... always be building UP the supply.

PS Why Three months? I've heard that that is how much time we are likey to be quarantined in our homes if/when the bird flu pandemic hits!

Next blog....Practice SUPER-MARKETING to buy the food and non food items as cheaply as to get a lot for a little!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wardrobe Wars

Have you ever stood in your overstuffed clothes closet and said.....I have nothing to wear? ...and then you go shopping for something new. You don't need anything new, you need a new way of seeing the clothes you already have!!

Check out my new's the coolest thing. I call it the "family plan".

It all started when my friend Dixie told me how she organizes her clothes by outfits and not by type. (Most women sort their clothes by, all skirts together, all pants, short sleeved then long like colors together etc.....and then you stand there and don't know what goes with what!!... "I know I put together something cute last week that was nice casual, what was it?? ) frustrating! Dix came over and I just started trying stuff on and she helped me put together "fab, slamdunk, this looks great! outfits" adding the right cami, belt, necklace whatever etc. When a great outfit was created, the top part of the outfit went on a hanger all together, JEWELRY AND ALL, and the pant or skirt was hung on a hanger beside it.

OK now, this is important....each FAMILY is based on one parent: a particular skirt or pant. It goes on the left and then you put all the great top combos that go with that bottom to the, don't think that you can put, say, a black casual skirt and black casual pants in the same family and share top combos. It doesn't work that way. The proportions of tops that look good with a certain skirt does not necessarily mean it will look good with the same color pant. It's all about perfect fit......

Now... the families need to be separated on the rod some way, to know where each family begins and ends. I separate mine with silver curtains rings and tied a hot pink ribbon onto it. (see photo) Trust me I can see where the families start and stop....and the bonus of using a shower hook is that I can move it around when I change up the families. members of the family will move in and out...(some of my kids still do that!) Now, you will find that as you build your families you'll have many "singles" left over. This means:

1. you love it but haven't found a good home for it yet
2. this will go into winter (or the next season) outfits
3. it really doesn't go with anything
4. you don't like it enough to add it to a family
5. it doesn't fit
6. its dated

Only keep category 1 and 2 and dare to dump the duds! Make room for really great outfits only! Why ever look less than you can? Why keep anything that's just "alright"? How you think you look, is a mood maker or breaker!!

It's handy to have a stylish and candid friend over on outfit-making day. She can say..that color doesn't do anything for's not flattering...that's so 90''s just so-so...try it with.... I don't care what it cost, it's ugly! get over it!!....etc. She will see combos that you won't ever have thought of..and get you out of your box!

The perks of this system:

1. SAVES TIME....You look at your wardrobe and can immediately put on a great outfit in 30 seconds flat (handy when hubbie wants to go!)

2. SAVES MONEY...You don't need more, you will probably find that you really have quite were just confused!

3. SAVES TIME WHEN more aimless wandering you are on a hunt for specific fill-ins. I know right now I need a new pair of great fitting khaki pants, my old ones weren't worthy of all the great top combos that can come from it. I know I need a chunky casual short red neckace that I need for a certain outfit....keep a list and keep it with you...which I easily could if I had an IPhone (my magnificent obsession)

This really is a cool way to wardrobe....I can always look put together in just a minute if I want to! aren't tied to the can change up as often as you have time...and no more staring at your clothes with that stupid look on your face.

Please give me This may not read as clearly as I think I wrote it! I'll answer questions next blog.