Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogs FOR you !

I have been keeping a -just for me- blog for awhile to save interior and exterior design this mirror on mirror photo.

 I've blogged about this idea before but I think it's worthy of another mention because I think it's such a great way to keep track of web photos and ideas that you want to have access to and not forget about.  (thanks to Penny for expanding my mind with this idea).  I've named this private blog "In my dreams" for obvious reasons.

The great thing about blogs is that they are searchable data bases, easy to use, accessible from any computer and FREE.  I have 5 or 6 blogs at present. One for my recipes, one for quotes, one that is more family oriented and a couple others to keep track of other info and ideas. Ya I'm a saver but at least blogs don't take up space!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do you know who YOU are??

I'm looking forward to this new TV show. I LOVE family history stories!

It took a few years for youth-obsessed TV execs to pick up on the big dead-relative trend, but now two -- count 'em two -- new series have made it to the air.
First came the PBS series "Faces of America with Louis Gates, Jr.", which, in typical PBS fashion, is like a cheek-swab "Charlie Rose Show." IQ-busting, culture-making types find out about their dead ancestors, who, it always turns out, were no slackers in their own times either.
Next month, the Lisa Kudrow-produced show "Who Do You Think You Are?" -- which is glitzier and less high-brow -- starts on NBC. (In fact, Kudrow has partnered with the genealogy site, on the project.)
So, while "Faces" does include some poets and the like, they add snazz by including Meryl Streep, Mario Batali, Yo-Yo Ma and Stephen Colbert.
I was riveted to find out that skater Kristi Yamaguchi's grandfather served as a decorated US soldier in WWII, while his Japanese-American family was living in internment camps back home.
Meanwhile, I couldn't stop watching Kudrow's show as the backgrounds of famous folk like Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Spike Lee, Emmit Smith and Susan Sarandon came tumbling out.
While Parker might not have been Cleopatra herself, in a former life her ancestors go back to the revolution and, it turns out, lived more exciting lives than Carrie Bradshaw. Her great-great-etc-grandmother was the last woman arrested as a witch in Salem.
If Kudrow's show hits big, you won't find a network next year that doesn't have a dead-relatives show.
Why? It's sure cheaper -- and more interesting -- than hiring living actors.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cool Family History Calendar

This is a calendar I came across from a store in Sweden. It jumpstarted an idea in my head.....but first you ought to know what makes my juices going.

My passions in life, after my family are... and not in any particular order
  •  photography / personal and family history
  •   Montessori education
  •  home management / organizing, saving $, cooking fast and  cheap and healthy.
  •  design / interior, exterior , jewelry, whatever
  •  preparedness /  food storage
  •  scripture study

...and this blog is for writing about, and keeping track of all the cool ideas I come across or already do in any of these categories.This idea fits into the family history category. 

 Back to the calendar - I love implementing quick ways to record family life.  Journals work for certain kinds of writing (and I could write a whole book just on creative journal keeping) but sometimes you just want to make fast notes of what was DONE and NOT upcoming events. This calendar would work for that.

The calendar showing looks homemade and I like that, but an easier way would be to buy a big blank calendar that is HANDY to write something down EVERYDAY. It could be a doodle or a note, colored or etchy looking black and white. You could write, or the kids could take turns. It could record gratitude, events,  projects or goals completed, books read....whatever!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm a CANADIAN living in the US....and a Vancouver born Canadian at that! I must have these mittens but they are out of stock everywhere that I look online. If anyone sees them available anywhere please, please let me know. I need them! Even though I live in Atlanta, (we had SEVERAL INCHES of snow yesterday!)  it gets Canadian-ness just needs them!) I loved how those little maple leaves on the mittens waved at everyone.

How about those opening ceremonies??  I was so proud. It was an education for my grandkids that watched it with me. (It is widely known that my opinion is pretty low of the American school curriculum in regards to their neighbours, Canada and Mexico.  Americans rarely know who the head of state of Canada is or the names of the provinces (not providences pleeease!))

I loved how they highlighted the various parts of Canada, from east coast to west. My teen years were spent in Winnipeg  - very prairie, and I hoped the whole floor would be one mass of waving wheat and then it was! The prairie has a beauty all its own.  (very 60'S photo of me in Winnipeg )

My family lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was I was little. There were wheat fields across from our house and I remember running through them, making paths and laying on my back looking up at the clouds naming the images that I saw... I was a serious day dreamer... so when that kid went running through the fields and flew above them,  feelings stirred and I was there again. Ahhh the blissful memories of youth.

Ok, rant and stroll down memory lane over.....back to the original thought....


Friday, February 12, 2010

Best bathtub for a baby that I've ever seen

If I were a mom with a new baby, I would sooooo buy this! Brilliant. At $40, it's not the cheapest thing but the convenience would make it worth it.

Watch the video HERE You've got to see how this works.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cool Valentine's Day Ideas for kids!

CLICK HERE to see Blonde Designs

It's a little late. I know all the school parties are tomorrow so this post is late but hey, you could bookmark it for next year? I have a "favorites" file entitled 'to make'. I slide blog posts over that have ideas I don't want to forget.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does your fridge look like this before photo??

I love a great motivating picture

Here's the after...

and the story HERE

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mommy Money Improved!

When my kids were little I made my own mommy money from colored paper to use for chore incentives and rewards during the summer.

The kids earned the money by doing chores without being asked, being kind, honest, whatever! It worked well and our kids remember it better than any chore chart I ever made.

One of my daughters found THIS idea the other day from "The Idea Room." I think it's a brilliant incentive system for kids. Check it out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

you want to know how to save a lot of money?

I just read an interesting TIME blog article  click here  about a large group of women who did something that I did last year - BUY NO NEW CLOTHES for yourself for one whole year.

 I had always wanted to challenge myself to do this and last year I did it!  I didn't buy a thing for myself. It occurred partly out of the shock and awe of the economic nose dive.  I just didn't feel like spending any money and my closet was too full anyway from days of shopping out of boredom at times.   So I dove into this new project.  I got organized, rearranged my clothes into FAMILIES, and would shop in my own closet. It wasn't as hard as I thought and I felt a little noble about this little accomplishment.  

I agree with Coco Chanel: Have a minimum of clothing but it should all be very good quality and I would half price!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Want a Food Pod!!!

This is the most clever new kitchen gadget I have seen in a long time ! At first you will say to yourself  "What the heck is that?" ....... and then you get it.

view here  to watch the  clever ad/movie

AND it's only $15. totally worth it !  ..... and no more  burning the hand while trying to get the metal fan basket out of the pot with boiling water!