Sunday, June 6, 2010

Note more thing

Inside view...the grid size is perfect

I was blog hopping the other day and found, then lost, a blog about 
an interesting journal concept that was new to me.

You take a notebook like this that has no spiral binding ... and lays flat, then... you just write down everything you want to remember, one thing after another as you think of it.
 It's like a traditional journal and to-do list all in one, very free form.
 and...  it becomes a snapshot of your life as it happens. 

You date each day, then write down experiences, interesting things you want to remember,
 a running to do list, 
that cute thing your child said... an old friends phone number that you got....
don't forgets, notes from that how-to tv show, that wise quote, photos, no magazine clips....doodles and sketches are ok cuz they are from you... 
just notes and lists and experiences and whatever, in real time.

I think I'll try this for awhile and see how I like it. 
One notebook for everything going on in your life....
except work.  
(I think I would keep certain lists separate and together blog ideas)

It would have to be glued to you for it to be useful... bringing it everywhere you go,
 a steady stream of the thoughts that go through your mind.
Fill one up in a couple of weeks then start #2.

Click!   a snapshot of your life...
and... you will know exactly where to look 
to find the things you wrote.

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