Monday, May 31, 2010

Listing your Lists! AHA moment #2

I'm a crazy list maker...rather, I make lists like crazy! 
If I don't make notes and lists, my great thoughts and ideas are gone with the wind!

I have bought notebooks upon notebooks over the years, searching for the perfect notebook. It must not be too big or too small or too fat. It must be thin enough to pop in any purse and it must be able to lay flat without any coil binding (hurts my hand). It cannot be wide ruled...(waste of space) and it must be cheap. Well I found the perfect notebook for me to keep track of my great thoughts and ideas.

It is about 5x7 inches and comes two to a pack for about $3 or 4 (don't remember exactly) at Target. The best thing about them is the graph lines inside. I seem to write so much neater and smaller on graph paper but they are available in regular lined also.

I started with just one book. It's my master book of lists. Each page is titled a particular  ideas to blog,  books to buy, decorating projects to do, freezer meals to make, things to make for grandkids,  garden to do's, gift ideas, stores in foreign countries to go to...REALLY did you know that in Italy you buy good makeup in pharmacies? and if I ever go to Florence I will go to Farmacia di Santa Maria to buy fab face creams! hey, it could happen, but if I didn't write it down it wold NEVER happen!

and I have lots of ideas for booklets I want to write (and sell here) .....

 It's my brain in a book! I love it!

After awhile, I found that I had so many ideas on certain subjects that I gave a few their own notebook..and they all fit neatly is this cheap little plastic napkin holder that fits on my desk.

Now one is just for blog ideas
one for gardening
one for scripture study
one is a hair diary...I love this one,
 I've pasted photos of my various hairstyles over the years,  ( so I know what style to never do again what products work well for me, and hair color (the formula from my stylist)
one is for travel (don't forget to pack list) that is part journal and part lists like favorite restaurants

What lists do you habitually make that you could benefit from a list book?



Nikki said...

when you die do you realize how many books we'll have to go through!!!! and i know those little ones are not the only ones you have!!!

Nikki said...

you need one for "Grandkids"- adivce, ideas, memories and stories for them. meybe for each or one for all. that would be a good book to read. just an idea!

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

Ooo, love it Nik!...and when I die?? NOT MY PROBLEM.
There will be all my big binders of info also! ...I'm thinking of starting to scan as much as I can to pare down...but there's nothing like opening up a book (binder). Things about the grandkids will fill up pretty quick but I'll just name them grandkid book 1 , 2, etc...good idea!

I want more ideas folks!!!

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

I will bee buying the new Sprint Android Evo this weekend and I will want to access my info differently.
...but I will always love my little handy.
I need to go buy a few more packs. I will have a nice little Library. I love that all my notebooks are uniformly the same size now...and take up NO room in any purse. Hmmm I think I need to start one that is just for shopping - running lists of things I want to buy when the time is right. One page for HOME DEPOT
One page for TARGET, one page for where I get FOOD STORAGE, one page for RESTAURANTS (what I ordered with reviews). one page for WALMART...whatever, and when those get crossed off I can just start a new page......Yes I know I can make all these lists on my phone....but sometimes a little notebook is just quicker, especially to write in........anyone with more ideas?

SHANNA said...

i laughed so hard at nikki's first comment! i love all these ideas.... i think i will be making a trip to target soon.