Saturday, June 26, 2010

Makin' pancakes, made easier!

I have a son-in-law Tyson who makes pancakes every morning for who ever is around...every day! So when I saw this idea from Real Simple I knew this was made for him. Make the batter every few days instead of every day and keep it in an empty ketchup squeeze bottle.

Day 1, make a bunch of batter, put the leftovers in the bottle. 
Day 2, shake and pour.....repeat every day till gone. 


melanie said...

hahaha. i;ll have to show tyson

Susan Being Snippy said...

good idea! I make waffles for my son and do it in large batches, 16 at a time lasts him all week in fact, made and frozen, sort of like "lego my eggo" but mine are home made and he just pops then in the toaster to warm. Less expensive, no strange chemically ingredients, and just as convenient. PS. Come by my blog for an idea to tame tangled headphones!

**Amy** said...

Brilliant idea! I could so use this at my house! One of the main reasons I don't make pancakes often is because they are too much of a hassle on busy school mornings.