Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 kids in one bedroom? Why not!

Free up other bedrooms in your house with some creative furniture placing like this.  Add curtains to draw across for privacy. Brilliant!    

My dad worked for CNR (canadian national railway) and this reminds me of the berths I slept on in the sleeping cars...at least your  kids wouldn't be sleeping near strangers like I did.   I had another friend in Vancouver  BC that shared a pretty big bedroom with 3 other sisters.  Their dad had a big X shaped wall (s)  built in the middle of the room and each girl had their own section.   You could walk around the entire thing to get to each other's space.   I remember thinking how cool that was. It was like they each had their own little bedroom.

Photo from Southern Living.


melanie said...

i have a friend who has her 4 kids all in the same room.....I MUST show her this!! great idea.

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

and the bedroom you free up could be a play room or learning center or mom's office/craft room!

SHANNA said...

i LOVE this!!! where would all the kids clothes go???

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

2 double rods separated into 4 sections. and one of the other walls for drawers...under a desktop that retracts..ha! just thought of that....OR all clothes in drawers in the laundry room.