Thursday, October 21, 2010

Showroom - In process

The showroom is finished and we had our ribbon cutting and first show.  
We never took pictures of how it all looked when it was done. Will do that tomorrow.

Fresh grey walls and a lot of decision making and nail biting!

I had samples and information on several new lines all coming in at the same time, and I would still have to memorize it all.

Those scissors were real! and very sharp

Ribbon cutting - (what a cheezy grin!)

We have room for another full apparel line. You know what's fun? Looking around the kids fashion world and going after lines that you like and want to rep. 


Nikki said...

thats actually the best smile i've ever seen you give. its not cheezy,

Louise said...

Very cool!!!

melanie said...

i agree with nikki, i think its a really good pic of both you guys!

The Hallidays said...

Your showroom looked awesome! So glad I got to see it in real life! Good Luck to you!

Lilburn said...

i have pics of the finished showroom! let me know if you want them.

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

Yes, any one that has photos, contact me please