Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Opening up a Showroom!

Now for something a little different.  I am opening up a children's wear showroom in the Atlanta mart (a huge combination of connected buildings in downtown Atlanta that I affectionately call "the great and spacious building" I'm fairly certain that it is the largest merchandise mart in the world. The building that my showroom is in (see photo)  has about 15 floors, a huge interior atrium and houses women's and children's wear, jewelry, purses and everything else a woman could possibly drool over. There are  samples, fabulous jewelry, and purses all at wholesale prices - if you can get it - which ain't easy!

There are plenty of blogs about design for the home, fashion, organizing, and saving money (all topics I love) but none that I have ever seen on an inside look at the kids clothing industry, with its trends, insider tips and hot topics.

So, here I go for awhile..... Come along with me and my new direction and new life as a kids clothing rep as I set up a showroom and see all kinds of fun things happening.....warning: THERE WILL BE GIVE-A-WAYS, donated to me by my generous brands, to give out to YOU from time to time.


Stac said...

Awesome Lorna - this all looks sooooo fun and exciting - not to mention TONS of work:) I'm looking forward to watching you attack it with your customary passion!!

Joe and Jake Est. 1990 said...

I have missed you so much Lorna and look forward to reading about all of your adventures and maybe coming for a visit! Hope to see you soon!

The Hallidays said...

How great Lorna! I love Melissa's designs - Ashley will have to come visit your showroom the next time she's working. Good Luck!