Monday, October 25, 2010

The OVERHERE showroom is finished...for now

There are still many things to do...add racks...find a couple more apparel lines...

Here is the showroom window. 
I love the vintage mannequins for Knuckleheads!

Oh...we decided to change the name of the showroom...the old name was also the name of a brand...
that I don't rep!

...and from the back of the room...the rack between the two tables is to hang clothes on as store owners put together outfits and decide what they want to order.

That whole wall on the right is all Baby Legs, then Diaper Dude (cool diaper bags for's time has come), then Hip Babies pearl jewelry, Mini Maniacs Bibs, Me in Mind and on the back wall is Pink Axle, then Ma Petite Amie, Scout Hula Mula and Knuckleheads

I love the Eames Eifel  sp?...tower chairs at the in orders...  tables