Thursday, May 20, 2010

Genius concept for kids socks!

I've been out of the country for awhile and slowly getting back on schedule.

I have to interrupt my aha series to add this plug for a brilliant sock company that we've just had contact with....   and here's the reason why I had to add this now.

My last post was about laundry and that one of the biggest pains was matching up the kids socks.  Well ...with blind mice socks, you don't have to!! They are purposely made to wear mismatched!!! AND they come 3 or 5 to a pack cuz they just know you're going to lose one.  Genius!

I love the bright colors and apparently they are made to fit perfectly with no sagging..ever. I will be getting these for my grandkids for sure.

even their packaging is cool!

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Wow, that is GENIOUS! Love this. I want to link it to my blog!