Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new favorite thing!


We LOVE brownies at our house but we waste the middle which is usually undercooked. We just eat the edges...enter the pan that makes perfect brownies..all edges!

We'd always wondered about this pan when we saw it on those inflight marketplace magazines. Then our daughter bought one for an early Father's day present and now my husband will whip up the brownies HIMSELF because he loves how they turn out.

It's a nice heavy nonstick pan, comes with the perfect size spatula and costs about $40. Not cheap but really worth it if you love brownies. Our favorite way to make brownies is really cheap and the pan was a gift so I'm still obeying my self-imposed cheapness!

Boot Brownies

Betty Crocker plain brownie mix (about $1.20 at WalMart - ) I will be looking for coupons and sales to stock up!) I may even go back to making my own brownie Master Mix which would be seriously cheap.

Then we add our own fancy stuff : chopped walnuts that I have in my freezer that I bought fresh from an alternative food source (a later blog) or mint chips, chocolate chips , white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, or a swirl of caramel inside the batter. Why pay for the expensive mixes (which are double the price) when you can add your own fancy stuff from what you have on hand!

As I write this my husband is making fiber one apple cinnamon muffins in the pan. Yum!


Lorna Kyle Boot said...

I just found that Betty Crocker Brownie mix is .99 at Rite Aid until 5/23.

Laura said...

That is a very cool pan. If you ever chack out my blog, you will see that I am a sucker for fun pans. I just bought a cute cake pna set at Willaims-Sonoma (that I used at the shoer). I also bought Willams-Sonoma's mini-cheesecake pan. It is so fun. I have never seen this brownie pan. That is ingenious! Someone was thinkin'. And what a great idea to mix in your own stuff. I usually end up buying the fancy brownie mixes, but I try to get them on sale at Publix. So, about that apple mufin that going to be on your blog soon? That sounds so good.

SHANNA said...

i might be coming over soon for some of those muffins! YUM. we always just have the boring brownies around here, rob is so picky and can't eat chopped nuts! he says he'll die or something!!

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

Hey Laura, the cinnamon apple muffin mix is from a box - new from Fiber one.

Mama Nash said...

glad he liked it!! {I knew he would}

The Tait Family said...

dad making his own brownies...he must like the pan!

Rboot said...

I make the brownies so I can have aren't here to make them for me Nikki!