Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another... new favorite thing!

I'm really picky about my leftover containers! They must be crystal clear, not flimsy plastic that gets flipped all over the place in the dishwasher and they must be stackable in the fridge as well as the cupboard where they are stored.

I first saw the containers below on the "Chef at Home" TV show. I love them.

The lids sit on loosely, so they aren't good for transporting but they are perfect for the fridge and they stack nicely on each other. They are hard to find however, I've only seen them at restaurant supply stores.

FYI Your containers don't need to burp! Leftovers aren't meant to last forever; they don't need to hermetically seal!

Now if you really do want to lock in freshness, Rubbermaid Premier containers (below) are my new favorite. They meet my criteria perfectly: crystal clear, stackable, tough and...the lids on these stack on each other. They take up very little space in the cupboard. I bought mine for 60% off at Walmart last week.

Anybody out there have any good leftovers storage tips?


melanie said...

well if i EVER get a house...i'll have to get these!!

The Purds said...

Lorna, finally you're back! I love your tips and will let my girls know about what you're doing. Thanks!