Monday, June 30, 2008

Saving your Summer Sanity part 2

This is my husband and me on a leisurely "do anything you want" trip to Charleston in May. It was great. (I will get to a point, I'm not trying to rub in all the free time I have as an empty nester...really!) Last Saturday I sat on a shady island visiting with my good friend and almost empty nester Vickie who was having a romantic camping trip alone with her husband (until I came along.) We sat in comfy camp chairs, felt the warm breeze, ate raisinettes and did absolutely nothin' but gab for a couple of hours. We watched her soon-to-be-gone son, and my boat (which was jammed with blissfully happy sun burned young adults) speed back and forth in front of the island and reminisced about all the great summers we've had at the lake watching our boys having thrilling boy adventures as we sat on a dock or on an island or floating aimlessly and watched. Louise , Connie and their kids came by and I thought about the next generation who will be having all the fun now. 

Point? Those lazy hazy days of summer are on lakes! All a mom has to do is provide food and sunscreen. Dad provides shelter and the water provides all the fun a kid can dream up. Plus you get to have a big old bonfire at night with s'mores and more gabbing with other lake rats. Sigh! It's a bit of heaven. 

I really will give some good ideas kids can do at time.


Louise said...

We'll gladly carry on the lake rat torch!! It really is such an easy and wonderful way to relax and enjoy being with family and friends. So great to see you there...look forward to seeing you many times more with those cute grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

The years have been kind to you, Lorna -- lovely, as always.