Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More - Food Fast

My friend Marilee shared the coolest thing - cook up a big pot of nice healthy brown rice. This takes almost an hour which is why last minuters don't cook meals with brown rice very often. Cool the rice a bit and then scoop into meal portion size freezer baggies and then FREEZE!. This is such a no brainer, but this brain never thought of it. 

Now I can whip up a quick  stir fry meal by lightly thawing  a bag (just leave is out on the counter for a few minutes) and then tossing it into a stir fry at the end and just stir it around a couple of minutes and its done.

I grill up some chicken in oil and minced wet garlic, then toss in some frozen stir fry veggies, add seasoning ( we like sweet soy sauce - ABC sauce is the best ever, I put it on everything.) and then plop in the rice, give it a stir and you're good to go! Who knew long cooking rice could be so fast.

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The Schaefer's said...

The other good thing about doing it this way is that it stores longer. Brown rice is one of those foods that can't be canned due to the oil content. You have to store the uncooked rice in the freezer (same with whole wheat flour). But this is a GREAT way to store your 3 months supply of healthy brown rice....YEAH!!