Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How NOT to look old!

LOVE this book! Everyone over 40 should read it, seriously. My friend Dixie turned me on to it..I read it and made some big changes - no more white streak in my hair for one thing. I think its good  to reevaluate and shake things up every 5 years or so. It's the best book of this type that I've ever read. And let's just get over the "growing old gracefully" thing. Why would you want to look older than you have to? It's NOT about looking young. To me the goal is to look modern, current and NOT OLDER THAN YOU ARE - and some women do. I'm not against aging...aging isn't ugly and I don't think wrinkles are ugly - I'm for looking your best whatever your age  -  like I said, modern and fresh and not looking like you've given up and could care less. Plus, how you look affects how you feel, energy level and self worth.... nuff said, starting to rant.

There are simple changes that everyone can make, such as changing your lip liner color from matching your lipstick / or dark liner , ugh! - to nude liner and the right pink lipstick. Easy!  

Here are the chapters titles: 
Cut some bangs - lighten your hair - tame those brows - chic up your eyewear - lose the heavy eyeliner - unmask your foundation - manage your wrinkles - put on pink lipstick - whiten your teeth - wear your own nails - unmatch your wardrobe - shorten your skirts (no midcalf skirts, please!) - slip into the perfect pair of jeans - learn to love the shapewear - show some leg (good stuff here about hosiery) - slip into sexy heels - and putting it all together.  Very cool book!

also see video: YouTube - How not to look old.  I tried to upload a link to it but got an error message. If you google the book title, the video is listed as a choice and is worth watching.

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i just count on you or melissa to tell me what looks good or not.