Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Thaw Meat

"whatever you do, don't zap meat in the microwave." says the owner of Lobel's butcher shop in NYC
"It cooks the meat from the inside out, which removes moisture, retains the freezer aftertaste, and leaves your meat gritty." Instead, he suggests (as do I) wrap your cuts in small resealable packages  (I like butcher paper wrapped over the bags to prevent burn)

... before you freeze them   - one steak, two pork chops. Then when dinner is just a couple of hours away and you haven't had time to thaw the main course in the refrigerator, soak it, bag and all in cold water for about two hours. Warm water is bad because the outside of the meat gets too warm and the inside won't thaw - not to mention the food-borne illness that can breed that way."

Individually freezing meat portions is key to flexibility in meals...in case of unexpected company or parent who feels unsatisfied after what the kids had for dinner and wants a steak! ( I am married to Mr Steak!)

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