Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Organizing Recipes part 2

Going the second mile!
Here are some ideas to REEEALLLLY get your personal recipe book organized

Subdivide the categories: vegetables can be subdivided into potatoes, beans, peas etc

- Note recipes (that you use often) from other recipe books on the cover of each tabbed divider

- Make a list of family member's favorite meals (this comes in handy on their birthdays)

- Make a list of meals that work well for company

- Make a reference page for bumper crops; recipes to use when you have a LOT of berries, zucchini, tomatos etc.

- and finally, consider making a quick reference Meal Planning page: On one or two sheets of paper, draw lines to make 4 sections on each page. (I make a big +,) Title each section by however you plan your meals: Beef, chicken, pork, soup and sandwich, meatless, whatever. Write the names only of your favorite recipes under the appropriate section. You could also list good go-withs beside each entree if you'd like. You now have a good at a glance reference to plan meals quickly!

Other ideas:

- punch a hole in the put your favorite recipes on 3x5 cards and put them on a ring. Hang them from one of those easy stick hooks on the inside of a cupbaord door.

- Put your recipe cards on a Rolodex

- put your recipes on a blog which then becomes a searchable data base. I love mine! I call it my cyber recipe book. I now have acces to my favorite recipes from any computer anywhere I go. My daughters have access too. No more calls "Mom can you send me the recipe for..."

- I have a cooking journal. It's just a little spiral notebook that I use to write quick notes into of what worked and what didn't.

"...made asparagus with ..... tonight and we all loved it"

"had .... over for dinner and made ..... Next time I will make .... instead.


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