Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Home Decor part II

I didn't feel like doing much with lights this year but I did haul over some big leafless branches, put  them in pots with topiary forms in them and twisted little silver and gold balls and lights on. 
It looks pretty cool at night.

In the Library I like to hang Delft blue ornaments from the chandelier.
(My husband was born in the Netherlands)
I keep them up year round because I have a lot a of Delft blue vases in there. 
and...It's a Dickens thing...keep Christmas in your heart all year long ya know!

 Now to the dining room right off the kitchen....I love the whole Father Christmas thing

The Joyeux Noel framed Christmas card was bought on Ebay after a long bidding war.
My parents grew up in Quebec and I'm from Winnipeg so, 
this is an nod 
to all the Frenchiness I grew up with.

Santa was bought at a resale store three years ago

This one is my favorite as it reminds me of my mother's Swedish heritage. I love anything Swedish!
 I bought it years ago after Christmas at  the Ballard Design clearance center.

The table is always set 

...doorway to family room that was added on a few years ago.

Dang I love red white and black together!

I brought in a garden statue...why should it be all lonely and cold outside.
Wreath is from the dollar store and the topiaries? I dunno


melanie said...

are those the plates i got from aunt elyn??? how did you get them? did i leave them there when i moved?

Lorna Kyle Boot said...

nope!!! I got them at Target 2 years ago in Spokane.