Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Praise for the zippered pencil pouch!

I LOVE back to school supplies time! Everything is so cheap. This is the time of year when I stock up on basic supplies and a couple of things in particular - like zipper pencil cases. They are on sale right now for $1 at Walmart. I can usually find them for $1 at dollar stores year round.  I use them for a million things:

1. Individual learning games for the grandkids - easy to use at their home or mine.

2. Travel bags  - I have separate ones for creams and liquids that are screened at the airport that you have to pack separately. I have one for toothbrush, paste, floss etc. (easy to just pull out that at night )

3. One labelled RECEIPTS that is kept in the car....makes returns easy.

4. One labelled EATING OUT   for coupons

5. Fill one with stamps, checkbook, mini calculator return address labels to use for paying bills or writing letters.

6. Separate pencils, pens, colored pencils, highlighters (of all types), markers, (washable and permanent), sharpies, erasers, paint brushes etc. Store upright  in a drawer or shoe box

7. Little pieces to games - dice etc.

8.  1 per family member: social sec card, immunization info, passports. Put them all in an "ESSENTIAL INFO BINDER"

9. CRITICAL CAR INFO - in other words, you just got pulled over and you have to pull out the insurance info, etc. (I know about this one all too well)

10. Label one : "WHAT IS THIS?" for miscellaneous stuff that floats around the junk drawer that you want to throw out cuz you just know it's important but don't know where else to put it!!

NOW: Where to put these fabulous little organizers? 

File in a shoe box ....or in a 3 ring binder .....or put a string or ribbon through one hole and hang it.

I buy a bunch this time every year - I LOVE THEM!  

PLEASE write in the comments if you have any other uses for these little miracle organizers  !!!


Susan Being Snippy said...

Well, actually, I make my own! Though I have not thought of nearly as many uses as you have,nor have I thought to put a clear plastic window in them -- which I will try out soon! I just gave a zippered pouch as a gift for a new baby -- you know all those diapering creams and paraphenalia that Babies need...

I use one to keep my diabetes tester and needles in, and one to keep my camera and its little manual in (you think you know your camera but thats right when you need the book!)

Penny Hughes, Personal Publishing Consultant said...


I think we must have been buddies in our "pre-life"..... I LOVE school supplies and LOVE zippered cases.....