Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No more Sippy cups part II

One of these days I'm going to bust out the "Montessori at home" info. Once I start I won't be able to stop and I haven't even finished my all time favorite aha ideas yet.

So anyway...I've thinking more about the no sippy cup thing:

#1. One of the main jobs of a parent is to teach independence.  A mother does her child no favors by doing everything for them.  A classic Montessori saying is "never do for a child what they can (reasonably) do for themselves!.

I got a Montessori magazine in the mail the other day called "for small hands - a resource for families" that is FABULOUS!!! google it and order it - its free! I love everything in this little catalog. Page 2 - Durable Juice Glass, set of six $6.95!

You can buy them HERE AT SMALL HANDS  

I would love some feedback if you find information like this helpful.


Susan Being Snippy said...

the #1 rule is definately to teach independence -- independence doesn't mean you don't care, it means that you do care enough to not be that overbearing controlling mother, it means that you are confident and strong enough to watch your child grow and learn and be their own person, to be what they want to be, not what you wanted to be... My sons are grown and independent, but they come "home" and help and care and are happy to visit without being critisized or to critisize....

Lorna Kyle Boot said... the comment Susan!