Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Around the blog and back

I found a new blog I like.   It's called Organizing Life.
Photos motivate me more than text. I can see at a glance what she did and I love it.


abbie said...

Thank you for the link! I just love the title of your blog! I love organizing, really everything. Since having children, what I am able to organize has changed a bit. My linen closet still looks like this, but my floors, well, they are quite cluttered with toys. Many thanks for visiting...all the best to you.

SHANNA said...

i love the simplicity!!!! i am going to do this.

Penny Hughes, Personal Publishing Consultant said...

I love to organize like this -- compartmentalize and organize! this is GREAT!

Hey, I see your "blog to book" link. Um -- I'd love to have your readers see me at where they can too put their blog into a book but not a boring white page book. A book that they can even add to and embellish!