Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One idea leads to another...

So, remember the post about the best recipe book ever? cyber recipe book? Well I got to thinking the other day about the whole free searchable data base thing. (I really love my cyber recipe book by the way!)   So, I was straightening up a little work area I have in the family room. I like to be in there when family is there but I also like to get paper-y projects done, so I sit at a little work table and fiddle away.

I was looking at a project that had been waiting for me to get to it for a long time. It was just sitting there taking up valuable real estate in my shelf.

I have a really long and jam packed "quote file"; one of several actually. (This photo here is generic). I'm an obsessive collector of thoughts and ideas and sometimes its tricky to find them immediately.  I don't remember how I was going to organize it originally, but it dawned on me that I could save all this on my own "Quote blog" that is just for my use and then chuck the index cards. It's a no brainer project that's perfect to work on when the guys are watching some shoot em up tv show that I don't care about watching. 

It's searchable, so in the search box, I type "simplify, or faith, or style etc, and all the posts that I've tagged with that label pop right up.

Now I'm wondering what other "just for me" blog I can do next. Any ideas??

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