Monday, July 27, 2009

Best recipe book idea ever!

This is what can happen to our recipes over time!

But...I learned the best recipe saver idea from Penny in Rexburg, Idaho last week. She had lots great ideas and here is one of my favorite. My dilemma has always been: how do I make my recipes portable, share-able, accessible, reproduce-able, indestructible, etc, etc. My own recipe book, duplicated for family?? Well sort of.

The solution: Put all your recipes on a private blog, one that is just for you. Label each post by category: vegetables, chicken, cookies etc. Now you have a free searchable data base of all your recipes. It's portable, shareable (if you give out the link), accessible from wherever you are (your sister/daughter's house), indestructible because of the off site storage etc etc. No more "mom can you email me your recipe for..." "Just go to my recipes blog search the label......, honey."

This is easy, nothing fancy, no photos if you don't want them, just all your favorite recipes any time anywhere.... the coolest thing, right?

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Penny said...

Thanks for the recognition Lorna! I am loving my recipe blog and now that my move is over - I will start posting again and cleaning out all those newspaper clippings I have. catch me at

Lorna, will you please contact me ASAP at!