Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool money saving site.

It's been awhile....

The whole family was together HERE for Christmas and New Years and we had a death in the family in January. December and January were a blur.

My new plan for this blog is that it be a saving money idea site for homemakers.  Whether it be slashing your grocery bill in half (totally do-able), or saving money through the zillions of other home management tips I have have bottled up in my head and  notebooks, I believe the time is now to really get this info out there. Right? Right!

So to's an interesting website that my friend Jen S. has on her links. 


Anonymous said...

very cool...I will have to check it out. I still like the coolest thing

Stac said...

I like Lorna lessons - no one can give a lesson like Lorna!